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The Akashic Records are a repository in non-linear space of your thoughts, feelings, choices, life experiences over the history of your creation. Wow! Maybe you never thought or heard about this before. You can begin to understand what the records contain by considering it as a diary of your life held in a private place for your knowledge and upliftment.

The records are guarded by guides and are only accessible with your permission. Healers or guides who wish to share this information with you have been specially attuned for this process. As this process of sharing information unfolds you will discover your spiritual purpose for incarnating throughout your many lives. You will learn about the gifts you are blessed with and how they can be utilized for a more joyous fulfilling life.

  • Perhaps your life feels like it’s out of balance? Maybe it feels too hectic with never enough time for the things you really want to do?

  • Or your might feel something is missing in your relationships. You could be recently divorced, widowed, or looking for a companion, wondering if you will ever find the right person for you.

  • If your life feels empty like you don’t know your purpose, you could be depressed, sad, anxious and want some guidance.

  • Is your current work unfulfilling and have you considering options like changing your career or do you just need an attitude adjustment?

There are many common concerns people are facing in their daily lives.The list is really endless as we are all individuals, working our way through life so personally, no one the same.

Through the services and readings I offer, the focus is on learning more about your Divine nature and purpose, about knowing yourself better and being true to who you really are, uncovering your unique self and letting it shine out.

It’s about discovering your Soul identity and its journey through life~how you create your experiences, for better or worse, and how your choices impact the journey.

Whether you choose an Akashic Record Reading and its many levels of information or an Intuitive Reading with Spiritual Guidance through the messages of crystals, angels and guides, there are answers waiting for you, wisdom insights to help you find success, harmony and balance. You might also want to schedule a hypnotherapy session at http://gainesvillehypnotherapy.net to experience the insights that your subconscious wishes to share with you for your enlightenment or to achieve goals.

As you learn more what is offered here, be sure to read about how I work on the FAQs page. Life is for uncovering what is already so perfect within you, your human design! When you get glimpses of who you really are, you can then determine how to align your choices with your true nature and divine expression.

Life holds so many exciting surprises for us as we learn more about our Divine nature.

Are you ready to jump in and learn more? Just explore these offerings and let me know where you want to start. We’ll schedule a chat to get going or to answer any other questions you might have about these services and readings.

For an Akashic Record Reading of your Soul Profile, Divine Gifts and the Energetic Statement of your Soul you may purchase it here. The cost for a combination reading is $198 via PayPal or your credit card submit:

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To Your Purposed Life!  ~Christine

Interested in learning more? Discover how to access the Akashic Records for yourself and your friends or clients. When you become a Soul Realignment practitioner your guidance for others is a wonderful service you can give to enlighten perspectives, investigate hidden restrictions, and provide a way to get unstuck. Your clients will enjoy hearing how their past has impacted present day life and what they can do to stop repeating the same mistakes.

As they say Karma is a bitch but it doesn’t have to be. We are here to create our own experiences and they can be full of joy and fulfillment. That requires making better choices and a Soul Realignment reading will show you how!

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