Do you feel like you never have enough? Do you earn a lot of money but then watch it disappear too quickly? Are you unsure if the products you sell are the right products to earn you the money you seek?

Are you working really hard and feeling is it all worth it?Just like our own energy, money too flows in and out of our life and bank accounts. Sometimes it flows in fast but leaves all to quickly as well! Othertimes it seems like forever till we have what we need.

Gathering money is what we all do and is necessary for the things we need in our life. The choices we make determine whether we are good at gathering that cash or not.

This detailed reading will look at your blueprint for obtaining wealth; how your particular soul operates in this 3-D world and what are your misaligns as well as your strengths. An analysis of your business practices including the best products for you to be selling, how your support team supports you or not, best marketing strategies to take and so much more will be revealed!

If you want to get a better handle on your wealth, where its coming from and where its going, from your soul’s perspective based on your choices, then this reading is a must!

Your reading for Financial Wisdom and Prosperity will be presented via phone, Skype or FaceTime. The reading will last approximately one hour and will be interactive. Your questions regarding the best practices and behaviors for acquiring or managing wealth in alignment with your soul purpose are welcome! The cost for this service is $198.


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