There are ways the soul wishes to experience itself In the present life. You are always creating the situations with either positive or negative energies.

Becoming more aware of the energies you ‘theme’ yourself, such as fear, anger, disappointment, bitterness, judgment, hopeless, poor and so many more, will help you move to a more positive experience by choice.

Positive energies are usually more fun! This way of dealing with life situations will be framed through your energetic body and expressed through the chakras.

Blocks, beliefs, illusions, and other constructs are cleared to allow you to grapple present situations with more clarity and vital energy for the outcome you desire.

Your Life Situation Reading with help you to live your Divine Purpose in the truthful expression you were designed to experience.

An Akashic reading for Life Situations is only available after your initial Soul Profile and Realign sessions.

Your Akashic Life Situation Reading will examine specific issues that you are encountering after your Soul Profile and Realign Reading. Although clearing work is done during the initial reading, there are new situations that may have come up in your life. It is these new situations that will be addressed in the Life Situation Reading. With the details of the situation presented with your intentions for an outcome, here are some of the questions that will be addressed:

  • How many situations are affecting you?

  • What is the energetic root cause of the situations?

  • What are the blocks and restrictions manifesting in your life?

  • What, if any, chakras are out of balance and contributing to you life situation?

  • What imprints and beliefs are affecting your energetic body?

This reading will be presented via phone or Skype or FaceTime and last approximately one hour. The fee for this service is $198.

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