Akashic Readings

There’s a story about your life you may not remember. It started a long time ago. Before you were born. It’s a true story and one that you have been getting flashes of and wondering about. It’s the most important chapter of your life but it’s been hidden from your access.

A Soul Profile and Realign are the missing keys to understanding your life’s true purpose. You might already feel in sync with your talents and aspirations in this life. However you may also sometimes feel like something is holding you back from accessing all the joy that is available right now.

This unique reading accesses your life experiences and events as recorded in a non-linear space called The Akashic. The Akashic Records as they are called hold your history from the origin of your soul’s first entry into existence up to the present time. Sound fantastical? An Akashic Reading is a transformative experience destined to change how you view yourself and your life’s purpose.

Your reading which is delivered with a Skype or phone call lasts approximately 1 hour for a complete reading of either your Soul Profile or Soul Realign or a combination of both. Some of the things you will learn about your soul history include:

Your Soul Group of Origination
Your Divine Gifts
Your Divine Purpose
Characteristics of your Soul
Blocks and Restrictions inhibiting your Soul’s Expression
The Energetic Statement of Your Soul
Clearing for your Soul’s freer Expression
Optional Homework for Conscious Realignment to your Soul’s true Purpose
And many more

Before your reading you will be sent an information and agreement for you to send back to start the reading process. Then within 2 to 5 days your reading will be recorded and a meeting scheduled to present the information.

The cost of your Soul Profile Reading is $120.

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For a combination Soul Profile Reading with Soul Realignment Reading for clearing blocks and restrictions, the cost for this service is $198.

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If you are wondering if this is for you, if you ever thought about this question, then an Akashic Reading is for you!

For the most complete reading of the Akashic Records for. your Soul Profile and Soul Realignment, choose the combination reading at $198.

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  • What is my life’s purpose?
  • With an Akashic Soul and Realign Reading you may want to go deeper into situations you may be facing in your life that are troubling.
  • A more investigative reading delving into specific challenges you find yourself in will be helpful.
  • Life Situation Readings are for ongoing challenges life presents.