There’s a shadow side to us all. Whether you are self aware enough to identify your shadow side, nevertheless, that opposing side has a nasty habit of taking over and claiming the space and energy you really want to be there to express all your positive attributes.

Perhaps you have a way of being overly critical of other’s traits or you make mountains out of molehills. We all know the ones in our life who overdramatize events or perhaps you are the one doing it. Maybe you would like your responses to be more measured, be more in control of your emotions, be cool, act cool. Or perhaps you have a habit that you want to break; with practice, this technique can help you overcome the shadow-side of your behavior or way of thinking, acting, behaving.

Think of a feeling, response or behavior you would want to change. Especially useful if you want to change your self-image.

Close your eyes and see what happens when you associate with that image. If it is a behavior, notice the triggering point of the sequence. Outline or highlight it and make it brightly intense.

Now see yourself as if you have already make the change as to how you act, feel or behave. Make sure this new vision is very different from the first image of yourself. This is dissociative. Make sure this image is preferable.

Shrink this dissociative image of your desired state into a small square and place it in the corner of the first image you made.

Now darken and shrink that first large image as you simultaneously brighten and enlarge the second image until it completely covers the first one.
Hear or make the sound s-w-i-i-s-h as you do so.
Now open your eyes to “break state.”

Repeat 5 times. Then test yourself to the original trigger. Most likely response from people is that it’s difficult to recapture the original image and feeling; simply easier to shift into the second state.

With practice new images will continue to adjust you to feeling differently about your self image or behavior. It’s an easy exercise that can give a big payoff if you put it to work. Try it and see!