Your Name Number Reading

Ever wonder why some days are so difficult? Or why you just can’t get going?

Maybe you’re just feeling tired, too much thinking going on and just want to veg.

Or you don’t understand why some people react to what you say and even argue with you about it!

There’s a lot of good reasons for disharmony in your life but you may have not yet discovered the reasons why.

You might be thinking “is it me” or “is there something wrong with me?”

Chances are a little investigation into the energies that make up your name could provide answers to these questions.

As I found out many years ago, your name has a vibratory quality that is messaged through the representation of the numbers corresponding to the letters. That realization was astounding for me as I realized that the abundance of many letters corresponded to my chosen profession. And it didn’t matter if it was my maiden name or my married name. They all matched up. This synchronization was the puzzle piece I needed to explain my path in life.

What do I need to know for my future?

My interest in numbers led me deeper into studying the esoteric science of Numerology and how the numbers of your birth date and corresponding numbers embedded in your name provide answers to life’s most pressing questions.

Like what do the numbers 1 and 9 have in common? and can a 4 birthdate marry a 7 birthdate?

And what does a name like Susan tell you about a person based on the numerical value of the letters?

Studying numbers is fun and if you have serious mental, financial, emotional issues, you need to seek professionals in those fields to help.

The study of numbers can provide you with a glimpse into basic qualities of your name and date of birth and guide you daily with assistance on the level you might need.

Take for example Joe Brown. Joe was born on April 3 1995. The numerical value of his name is 3 and he was born on the 3rd of April. Without going into more detail those two facts tell me that he has a lot to say! and may be someone who enjoys a good laugh. Letting him know that people enjoy his style of communicating will help him overcome shyness and create more self-confidence.

A reading will give you so much more because I will go into the energy streams of your name, date of birth, day of birth and how these energies move throughout the sectors of your life.

As I examine your individual qualities your will see where the greatest focus is for your well being. How that energy flows determines where you will benefit from focusing there to the exclusion of other interests.

Your reading will come to you in a digital PDF you can easily download and store on your computer or device. You can refer to it whenever you need a refresher on what you need to focus on when your energy feels low.

Sometimes a reading will strike a chord later when you are more receptive to the energies that want to come into your life to help you.

The reading is priced modestly until the end of the year because I want everyone to feel the magic what new growth or awareness can accomplish in 2019.

Everyone needs a lift now and then and a Name Number reading may be just the boost you need to explore your options, understand your energies, and enjoy discovering more about you. It’s for educational purposes, fun and can guide you through today and tomorrow.

The reading can be purchased by requesting one on the contact form. I will then send you the information I need and my PayPal address.

The price is only $25 until December 31 2019. It’s a big discount from my regular intuitive reading report. I want you to understand more about your energies because knowledge is power. Who doesn’t need more awareness in their life!

After you order your report it will take a few days to receive your information. I can only do 4 a day so please be patient.

Your Name Number energy reading can give you the insights you need because sometimes you just need a little bit of help to guide you though your next day. Getting those insights into






or any other concerns may be just the information you need to have your life click into place with more joy and harmony.

Just pop over to my contact page, fill in the request and your report will be on the way.

Best to you!