What is an Akashic Record Reading?

The Akashic reading is obtained from a non-linear information data base or repository of your life’s history.

It is a highly personal private space accessible through attunement and verified with the guides who release the information.

What will I learn from the reading?

The reading will explain your Soul history and your Divine purpose as a spiritual being.

Your unique gifts of expression will be revealed to you for your acknowledgement and/or recognition.

You will benefit from the reading when you make choices congruent to your purpose and expression.

What does the Clearing do?

The clearing removes the blocks and restrictions from your history or present life issues that are preventing you from accessing your full energetic resources.

When you continue to make positive choices after the clearing you will feel freer or an expansion of your energy, with less encumbrances.

What does a Life Situation reading do for me?

In your present life there are many situations presenting themselves to you such as relationship issues, financial problems, work related issues, or others.

Unable to resolve them easily or repeating the same patterns, a Life Situation reading will reveal the best way for you to achieve more harmony and ease based on your Soul blueprint.

Understanding more about yourself from the Soul’s perspective can bring about positive action and greater wisdom.

What will a reading about Financial issues reveal?

There are unique Soul qualities that will enable you to become more aware and knowledgeable about the best practices to establish with your money or business.

The reading will present information you may not be aware of, to help you navigate the business and finance world better, whether you are a business owner or just need help to become more prosperous.

What are the Intuitive Readings about?

The Intuitive Readings are directed from insights gained through the my experience and knowledge as a claircognizant intuitive psychic accessing information from Source with many different approaches.

Any question can be asked with the understanding that solutions come from you taking correct thoughtful action.

Christine received her attunement in the Soul Realignment Practitioner Program from Andrrea Hess as qualified for accessing the Akashic Records for readings.

She has studied with Judith Lukomski and many other teachers to enhance and grow in knowledge and wisdom to help others.