Questions about your life are often never answered as it takes time and inquiry to investigate and think about stuff.

Often the day is so full of work, family, taking care of creature comforts and/or all that encompasses (including traffic!) that you are too tired to consider the big questions.

Mentors were a big help for me to propel my thinking in a focused direction, a direction of my interest and choosing.

As a young 19-20 year old I learned Yoga and found a calmness for a highly active mind and nervous system.

Then learning meditation gave me a discipline of regular sitting that helped quiet the mind further for contemplation.

It’s amazing to me that after 30 years of studying metaphysics, astrology, numerology, spirituality, Reiki, and so many healing modalities including hypnotherapy and past life regression, that I feel like I am just starting to get a grasp on the nature of existence. Whoo!

Because the learning is endless as it was designed to be. And that is the exciting part of living a life. Because there is no stopping learning, creating, finding out new stuff and exploring whatever ideas, projects, or studies you want.

You can be who you want to be “Cloud Nine” choruses the song. Yes, taking a step to be more of who you are, unafraid of limitation, unafraid to face the future, and being bold in meeting yourself. That’s living on Cloud Nine. That’s where all the fun is. Cloud Nine. Be who you want to be.