Now that the midterm elections are over, although there are many recounts, there is fresh talk of bi-partisanship. Whether you feel one side is more amenable to working together than the other, most of us agree that unity is preferable to intransigence.

The sticking point is how to come together. Mindsets don’t change automatically. There must be an intention that this is a positive and necessary activity.

Intentions herald decisions and the feeling of new ways of thinking CAN bring results.

Can you turn away from what has not been working?

Can you become more open to a fresh positive way of thinking from new information and possible solutions?
Having faith in new approaches, with the belief that what you think about will bring results, has born fruits for countless individuals.

What you think so you become is TRUE! Try changing just one thought you had with a more hopeful replacement can bring miracles.

Try it over and over again and watch the force of goodness and truth grow within you. I have experienced this with many of my clients and witnessed their lives blossom.

Let change develop with positivity, clear thinking and good energy. Nothing else is worth your effort!