Do you sometimes feel adrift? Like the days just go by without you feeling anything about them?

Or you might find yourself counting the minutes until your day is done. Perhaps your work ceases to excite you like it once did.

Maybe you are starting to get a feeling that there is something you are missing, something you were made to do, but you just don’t know what it is.

How you think about your life, what you do, and how you feel about that, makes you happy or sad or indifferent, is related to knowing your purpose. You may have never thought about your life this way, that your life has an intention.

Yet you have been engaged from a very young age in activities, education, relationships, all of which tell you information about yourself and the world around you. If your life makes total sense to you and you are just cruising along without cares, then this read may not concern you although it still could!

If you need answers to how you could live your life with more fulfillment, enthusiasm, enjoyment and meaning, read on! 

You may find yourself in one of these three groups, more than one group or a blend of all three. Regardless if these descriptions fit, you are looking for a way to dig deeper into life’s meaning and feel there’s no time to waste.

1.Perhaps you’re considering a career change in mid-life. You have outgrown your job, considering exploring one of your interests and wondering how you could monetize it. You don’t quite know how to begin. Should you quit your job and live off savings while you figure it out? Would you benefit with a step by step plan? You feel a little scared, insecure with doubts creeping in. And fears. Big fears. Fears are big.

2. Have you experienced trauma, violence, grief, loss in your past that hinders your day to day life? Finding your purpose sounds lovely, but with this big headache you’re carrying around with you, it’s hard to even dream about a different life, a life where you can feel free and live in comfort and ease. You wish you didn’t have so much negativity coming up at you. What did I do to cause this? Will I ever be able to get over this shock, disruption, and memory? I wish I had a different life because this one isn’t working too good!

3. You have achieved many successes and rewards in your life and have grown through your experiences, but there’s something more you wish to learn. You enjoy studying the secrets of the universe and wonder how you fit into the scheme of things. You would like to express yourself more clearly but often feel unable to speak up. You have a lot to offer and share with others but don’t have support.

Out of these three groups there are many permutations and really endless stories about everyone’s experience. Each of us hold so much knowledge because of our own unique histories. One thing all of us share is the desire to feel fulfilled, content, at peace with ourselves, and loved. No matter where you are on the journey to greater awareness, self-knowledge, self-improvement, economic advancement or happier relationships, you could always use some help.

Falling into any of these groups is an illustration. You may want to explore your hidden history, reclaim your unique mission, discover truths that have just been out of reach, or heal the many layers of pain drowning you. Embarking on that path of discovery will make the days ahead so much clearer and happy.

Clarity, an end to confusion, and comforting solutions are available when you explore your inner life. Whether its through sitting quietly, enjoying moments in nature, or investigating self-discovery programs such as hypnosis, you can start to feel less encumbered. Feeling more at ease you begin to unravel the many threads that keep you bound up. As you begin to untangle the layers of dissatisfaction, unhappiness, dysfunction, lethargy, you will start to regain a new sense of yourself and be able to explore your purpose with new eyes.

As you relax your negative self-talk, new possibilities can then present themselves to you for engagement. Your mind, body, and spirit can work together in harmony, each knowing how their unique attributes fit together.

If you choose hypnosis (and I hope you do!), the session is a concentrated form of learning and rewiring of the brain and body. With focus directed internally you more easily can absorb new concepts and ideas about how to proceed with plans for your future. If you have never tried hypnosis, you will be pleasantly surprised, wondering why you waited so long. And as a result, feel a great sense of satisfaction that you now have a pathway for your plans to kick into gear.