Discovering the existence of a non-linear space called the Akashic is a mind blowing experience. First of all when you learn about your Soul profile you will find out that your Soul perhaps came from another place in our galaxy. In fact not all Souls originate on Earth!

Does that make you an alien? Perhaps in terms of history long long ago when your Soul was created you could consider yourself alien. However the Soul Origination principally means that you embody characteristics particular to a Soul group. Knowing your Soul group gives you clues as how to express yourself with this knowledge in mind, since that is your Divinity, your point of creation.

So at the point of creation your Soul decides to journey to the place where it can most express the qualities it embodies. It finds the best place to call home.

Your Soul group could be from a star system within our galaxy or also from outside the galaxy. You could be a Traveler Soul or even from a group with no known identity from any place we know.

Finding out your Soul Profile is enlightening. You may resonate with it immediately through a feeling of familiarity or some visual representation. It could also take a while to sink in as to what that means in terms of your human expression and action.

Whether you are an Earther, Mintakan, Vegan, Pleidian, Blueprint Changer, or several other types, you are here now incarnated on this planet. How you use your unique qualities you were created with for this earthly experience will differ from person to person.

Living your divinity with purpose will create experiences congruent with your happiness. No matter what your Soul group your life today purposefully lived is available to you through investigation and choice.

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