Have you ever wondered if angels are real? Angels are represented in the physical world in so many ways. There are statues in churches, paintings of historic significance, stories about seeing angels when you die, in your dreams or even in real life.

The Bible and other sacred books like the Koran have stories throughout where angels bring messages and intercede on behalf of humanity. Angel images are printed on cards; numerous books account for angels and their interactions with humans. If you were taught a religion growing up you certainly became aware of angels somewhere, perhaps in heaven, or that they silently watch and protect down on earth.

Angels may just be a story for you, some kind of fantasy or unknown beings you don’t see or think about too much. However, for those whose lives were changed and have established a relationship or communication with these spiritual beings, you are indeed fortunate.

The acknowledgment for me of unseen forces interceding in my life out of love and kindness is beyond my understanding. These forces have saved me from accidents, guided me to the correct street for emergency help and sent the right doctor to the ER with the specialty for my child’s injury right when we needed him. So many more events and experiences have taken place in my life that have deepened my faith and trust in the real presence of angels, that angels are real.

Since I became more deeply involved in studies to guide and assist my clients, my awareness of communicating with the angelic realm has sharpened. Following my own spiritual path has opened myself to stronger intuitive perceptions and abilities. Like a muscle the more you work with your own intuitive nature, the more it develops. This has been true in my case.

So along with heightened perceptions and ability to read messages I grew to understand how working with the angels is such a blessing. Our spirit guides, angels, archangels, ascended masters, and conscious collections of elevated spirits have experienced the earth plane; they can see much more clearly our purpose and where we could use a little help. Their help is always to guide, never to do it for us. That would deprive us of seeing how much we are able to do for ourselves and the satisfaction from those experiences.

When I accept to do a reading for a client, my intention is always to address your concerns from a spiritual understanding. My reference is from acknowledgement that we all are basically spiritual beings who have taken on human bodies for the opportunity to creatively experience life on earth.

If your reading doesn’t answer your question now sometimes you will realize it later. Taking the advice is a choice; acting on advice that you believe to be true can reap benefits. Becoming unstuck feels really great when you once again access your own energy stream and start moving full steam ahead.

I sincerely hope you enjoy and delight in your reading as much as I do in receiving it. If you have any questions about your reading, be sure to contact me for clarification!