Some Thoughts about Beliefs

Updated because of the Impeachment Trial

There are so many belief systems throughout the world that people subscribe to. Many of these systems are based on religion although there are political belief systems, national beliefs, dietary and health systems, and so many more involving gender, success, family on and on.

In our country the overarching belief is in our Constitution. Our system of laws, of plus and minuses, how we are represented as citizens, how justice is levied informs all activities.

When it comes to religion though, a particular judgment can arise from the more ‘fundamentalist’ system. Some want to carry their religious belief into the public sector and influence the body politic. Unfortunately for folks like the Tea Party or Far-Right groups, their belief in God or the philosophy of White Nationalism does not mesh well with the laws governing how America works. They can have their beliefs as long as they do not overshadow others rights. We are in the midst of some strong power grabs and conflicts with these groups now and the rest of society.

Some of these movements have taken over sectors of our society and are a cause of concern for how they are influencing the rights of others. With the internet and social media we are learning rapidly how various groups operate and the truth cannot be buried for long. We are learning so much about everything we can get overload.

This ability to see each other in real time in different locations, in different countries or states, is a change not possible a generation ago. What a Polish and Floridian person eat may be miles apart but we can know about it!

When we see our human family plan meals, work at their jobs, enjoy leisure time and take care of loved ones, it reminds us of our common bonds across belief systems, beyond the dogma of religious principles.

So to get to my point, let’s ease up on judging people who are not like us in our thinking.

Maybe you believe in the Bible as the word of God. Fine. Because of your beliefs you may condemn certain practices as evil. You may not cause the harming of others no matter what you think. You can bring charges against someone if you feel wronged and let the system of justice decide. That is our way in the USA.

It matters because if our humanity is to be put front and center for the health and continuous existence of our Earth home, we must strive to work together, reinforce our common needs, and help all systems unite not separate us.

Judging others beliefs, hurting others to promote the “correctness” of our beliefs is damaging to the human psyche. I emphasize “hurting others.”

Do we want our lives to be based on love or spend time attacking others who hold different beliefs? I am specifically referring to attacks on the person damaging to their safety with calls to harm them or their family.

Now when it comes to pointing out the truth of those who are doing the damage to others, justice must prevail and will be the arbitrator of judgment legally. And expressing your opinion or belief is guaranteed by our Constitution, the Second Amendment.

Whether you believe someone is a dangerous person, a criminal or culpable of harm or violence is yours to believe. If you are using facts to form your beliefs so be it. If facts turn out to be false, you must retract if you publicly charged someone. That is only the correct thing to do. You can keep your opinions to yourself if you continue to believe a falsity.

How you think legitimizes how you feel. So if you have distortions in your thinking based on false evidence, you could feel a certain way because of this. You may not even know that how you are think and feel do not match up to reality.

Thank God for our systems of laws and protections evolving as we become a stronger body of citizens working together for the benefit of all.